LIFE Forest Fit for Future


Idyll on the moor of Jutland

Nature shows itself from the most breath-taking way in the surroundings of Skarrildhus Sinatur Hotel and conference. The old Manor House lies in the charming park where you find colourful rhododendrons and the steam of Karstoft. Inside waits beautiful living rooms, charming conference- and party venues, a cozy new renovated reception, lounge, bar, wine cellar. In the restaurant, our chefs create the most tasteful dishes prepared with the season’s fresh and organic ingredients and our sommelier has put together an exciting wine cellar and list based on sustainability. Skarrildhus is certified organic business with The Organic Cuisine Label in silver, which means that 60-90% of our food, and beverages are organic.

Today the wooded area covers round 310 acres, 100 of these are afforestation planted on former agriculture land in the period 1996 to 2001. Large parts of the forest areas are therefore young forest, but despite this, the base of the daily management of the forest is based on a long-term strategy for the transition to more close to nature forestry. This through the choice of site-adapted tree species, mixed vegetation with several tree species and through management forms that benefit from nature's natural processes. In addition to greater resilience to storms, climate change and pests, more close to nature forestry will probably also be more flexible in relation to human beings' changing needs in relation to use. Finally, a more natural forestry will help to ensure the biodiversity in the production forests, so that we can continue to harvest the world's most sustainable primary product - wood…

We are therefore pleased to be part of the Life ForFit project and to contribute to the sustainable development of the production forests of the future.

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Kirsten Secher Villumsen