LIFE Forest Fit for Future

Julianelyst Estate owns Today St. Hjøllund Plantage. The plantation covers 1100 hectares and is managed in a balanced interaction between the two industries, forestry and nature- and ungulate management. 

The balance between the two operating areas is defined by the natural conditions on the individual sub-area. Respectively, the best possible production of the primary product wood and the best possible nature are weighted equally in a balanced interaction, with respect for the location’s culture, tradition and history.

The previous ownership of the plantation was among the first to work actively with sustainable forest cover and self-rejuvenation in plantation management.

The ongoing conversion to close to nature forestry with continuous forest cover is continued, but for the time being there must continue to be site-adapted freedom of method in forestry. Likewise, there is currently a focus on introducing more conifer species.

We look forward to contributing to LIFE Forest Fit for Future.

Søren Strunge