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Sorø Akademi

The Sorø Akademi Foundation is a private business foundation. The main purpose is to run Sorø Akademi School, which is a high school with an associated boarding school. The property originates from an old monastery estate and the history of the Foundation dates back to 1161.

The fund's business activities include forestry of 3,400 ha overgrown with primarily deciduous trees. The fund's activities also include gravel excavation, housing rental and farming, etc ..

The foundation has approx. 25 full-time employees, and has a wide range of contacts both locally and nationally. The forest district is particularly known for its beech cultivation and has been intensively run for hundreds of years.

The foundation owns and manages the well-known untouched forest "Suserup forest", which has been laid out for scientific purposes since 1920.


Jens Kristian Poulsen