LIFE Forest Fit for Future

University of Copenhagen is working within all areas of Life Forfit. In a world undergoing rapid changes IGN provides knowledge and education to help solve big challenges, such as climate change and increased pressure on natural resources.

The development of CNF in Denmark was a joint effort between IGN and DNA. The participation by IGN in Life Forfit is based on research, monitoring and teaching related to silviculture and the ecosystem services in the forests e.g. wood products, carbon, biodiversity, social functions of the forests related to economics, landscapes and recreation.

In terms of dissemination, IGN has teaching of students at all levels within the forestry, including forest workers, forest professionals and engineers, forest administrators and nature management. IGN has a long tradition of contributing in outreach activities for the forest sector.

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Vivian Kvist Johannsen

Senior Researcher
University of Copenhagen, Department of Geosciences and Natural Resource Management