LIFE Forest Fit for Future

Public awareness and dissemination of results

A large and important task is the disseminatino the project results to the general public and to other projects and forest organizations. The  lack of knowledge and information about close-to-nature forestry in Denmark has been identified as one of the barriers to implementing close-to-nature forestry .

The communication in LIFE ForFit follows two tracks:

  • Information to the general public and NGOs as well as international forest organizations.

This will be take placeas  targeted courses, excursions in the forest, events, articles and the preparation of teaching materials for school classes.

  • Education at all levels in the professional forestry sector.

Workshops and courses, development of course material is targeted the professional forest sector.

In addition to this, two Martelloscope sites are established. Martelloscopes are areas of one ha of forest, where the height and diameter of all trees as well as other parameters such as species composition and biodiversity indicators are recorded. This results in a forest area with a precise knowledge of growing stock and micro habitats for use in teaching.